SonRise Apartments Parking Lot Safety Tips at Apartments for Rent Marysville Washington

SonRise Apartments Parking Lot Safety Tips

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When living in a Apartments for Rent Marysville Washington there is an array of people coming in and out of the parking areas. To help prevent any harm to you, your car or possessions we have some suggestions for you.

Car and Parking Lot Safety for Apartments for Rent Marysville Washington

  • Don’t leave anything of value in your car even if you think it is “hidden”
  • Don’t leave anything visible not even your stinky gym bag, people don’t know that the only thing in there is your smelly sneakers and sweaty clothes.
  • Always keep your car locked – even if you forgot something and making a quick trip back to your apartment.
  • Never leave your vehicle running unattended or leave small children alone in the vehicle.
  • Stay aware of your surrounding at all times going to and from your vehicle.
  • Report to onsite management if parking lot lighting is out or malfunctioning.

Here is an example of the parking lot with no issues.

SonRise Apartments Marysville Parking lot at Night


SonRise Apartments parking lot at night

  • In icy snowy weather wear appropriate footwear to avoid falls and injuries.
  • If visitor parking is full, tell your guest(s) that there is plenty of street parking.
  • Remember if you are in the parking lot late at night or early morning always talk softly when traveling to and from your vehicle.
  • Park in your correct parking stall and within the designated lines, you wouldn’t appreciate it if someone was taking up half your stall after you just got home from a long day of work and now you can’t open your door to get out.
  • Stay alert and drive slowly in the apartment complex parking lots, watch for pedestrians and children at play.
  • If you see someone you don’t recognize loitering in the parking lot report to onsite management immediately.
  • Turn music down when entering or exiting the parking lots.

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